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6pcs Bathroom Kitchen Drill Cleaning Brush

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Includes 3 shapes of drill brushes, 2 different stiffnesses scouring pads and 1 backing pad, total 6pcs.
– Flat brush: work great on large areas, such as floors, kitchens, etc.
– Spherical brush: specialize in dead corners, such as toilets, tire gaps, etc.
– Mini angle brush: be used to focus on stains, such as chopping boards, tabletops, corners, etc.
– Scouring pads: perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, such as cooking bench, sink cast, cooker, bathtub, tile surface, etc. The green pad is a bit stiffer and thicker than the red one.

Reliable Material
– The nylon bristles in medium stiffness will not scratch the cleaning surface.

Strong Compatibility
– 1/4 inch connecting shaft fits most drills and drivers.

Only brush heads and pads are on sale, not including the electric drill.


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